Bridging the gap: Guiding the college search of undocumented students

Many immigrants come to the United States with the belief that their children will have expanded college opportunities compared to those available in their countries of birth. However, undocumented immigrants’ college enrollment figures do not mirror that belief. Nienhusser (2013) noted that more research is needed in the area of undocumented students’ college choice process in an effort to understand those factors that influence this population’s participation in higher education. This study examined the informational and emotional support provided by high school institutional agents in the college search stage of 15 undocumented immigrants in New York City. Such research can help reshape how high school institutional agents address this population’s college choice process with the ultimate goal of expanding undocumented students’ college opportunities.

Nienhusser, H. K., Vega, B. E., & Saavedra Carquin, M. C. (2015). Bridging the gap: Guiding the college search of undocumented students. Journal of College Admission, 229(Fall), 30-34.

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